Jackie Jamieson

Artist Statement

…A true Yorkshire girl….born in Leeds, studied  Art at York and Sheffield…..a teacher of Fine Art for over 30 years….and have loved every moment!!….whilst keeping my own work ‘alive’ through private commissions.

…My work evolves from my own visual experiences; often developing into a series of images; always combining my love of colour, colour relationships and textures. I work regularly from the human figure, always from direct observation, but I also collect photographed images from my many travels, focusing on architectural forms, reflections and moving water, to develop into paintings in the studio at a later date. My work is often large in scale, combining acrylic paints, oil pastels and soft pastels, charcoal and lead sticks with textured papers, fabrics, sand and a variety of mixed media.

…Now retired from teaching, I am available for practical drawing/painting workshops, and talks or discussions on both contemporary and historical artists.

Jackie Jamieson Contact Details…

Find me: Studio 4th Floor, Vernon Mill, Mersey Street, Portwood South, Stockport SK1 2HX


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