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Artist Statement

Rosemary is a mixed media artist, an Abstract Expressionist often using vibrant colour producing vibrant pieces with great energy. She is a master with colour and feels its vibrations as she is not just a creator but a sensitive who uses energy. Some paintings are semi-abstract from themes associated with landscape, seascapes and still life. Rosemary also responds intuitively in the moment from images seen around her and likes to play with different types of surface and to look through and beyond the obvious in abstraction sensing both what is seen and unseen. Many of her responses are to what she notices around her in the natural world and she is enticed by the mood of places and qualities may change as what she has witnessed becomes a part of her.
Her work explores her passion for surface quality, colour, texture, design and form. Inspiration comes from disparate sources but tends to gravitate towards colour and structural relationships observed in the environment. She often uses her photographs and drawings for reference in creating abstraction. She feels life is fun and finds great enjoyment in playing with ideas to produce pieces that are meaningful and striking. Her work is vital and fresh.
Places she has used for inspiration include Derbyshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, The Downs, France, Florida and The Canaries.
Life Drawings and Textiles are part of her repertoire.
Changing her work as she develops, she is inspired by masters and her own progress.
Rosemary has shown paintings at The Mall Galleries, VivArtis Surrey, Urban Art, galleries in Manchester, France, Italy and America, has work in private collections and won awards. Recently some of her pieces have been used in research about the female artist.
As a poet Rosemary sometimes links her poetry with her paintings.
Rosemary’s art is on the covers of her books and cards. She was the creator of Binka, the successful children’s television series and has had her writing published.

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Name Rosemary Graham

Tel no: 01437 563881


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