Julie Hamer

Artist Statement

I was born in Knutsford, Cheshire and initially studied art on a foundation course in Northwich, Cheshire. I achieved my ambition to create paintings and prints, but have always been inspired by the paintings of Matisse, Bonnard, Howard Hodgkin, Turner and Klimt.

I have a BA Honours degree in Art from Manchester Metropolitan University and in 2010 gained an HNC at Distinction level in Interior Design from Stockport College. I am already starting to build up my own portfolio of products and services.

My concern is for abstract art which is guided by what I call an ‘Inner Essence’, creating on an intuitive level through perceptual experience of the world.

Although not specifically religious, I have a faith in goodness, originality and natural feelings. I would wish that my art be a means to accessing this goodness/energy and it is through using the tools of brushes, paint and canvas, or printmaking methods that I can best express this.

As far as the subjects of my work are concerned, they are about one moment in time, seeing and feeling the beauty of the subject, usually landscape. I live in Macclesfield, Cheshire and we are lucky to have easy access to the peak district and surrounding countryside. I attempt to sum up the feelings of a place. It is always something which has been felt definitely and in which I have been inspired. The emotion is captured, held on to and then expressed, or translated as a whole. It is an expression of visual rhythm through colour and form and is abstract. It is an attempt to achieve beauty rather than literal representation of objects.

Contact Details
Julie Hamer
Tel – 01625 614303
Mobile- 077823 12264

Website www.jahama..co.uk

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