Antoniela Ginourie


Artist Statement

I was born in Portugal but lived most of my life in England. I studied Fine Art, specialising in painting and print and later finished a diploma in design and craft(3D studies)ceramics.

I am a well established artist and have sold works around the world to an impressive array of collectors throughout Europe and as far as Australia.

My work is full of vibrant colours, texture and movement. My inspiration comes from the surroundings and environment in the two countries, both rural and urban, where the new blends in with the old, the tame blends in with the wild so the viewer’s imagination can drift away.

Most of my work is created by different stages and process of building and scraping back layers of paint,to create texture,sometimes I include tiny shells or soil from the places I visit. Each piece is totally unique.


My ceramics ranges from a wide variety of hand craft contemporary work that will enhance and add elegance and detail to any interior.

I am constantly trying new techniques and experimenting with new materials.
My organic shapes and beautiful colours and textures represents my love for nature. Lately I have been experimenting with more fragile delicate work using porcelain to create beautiful T-lights embossed with textures created with found objects from my walks in the countryside and the beach.

Contact Details For Enquiries about commissions

Tel.01635 613370



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