Jayashree Jaipal

Jayashree Jaipal

www. jayashreejaipal.co.uk


I hold a BTEC Diploma in Graphic Design from the Reigate School of Art and Design, East Surrey College, England.


Painting has been my passion throughout childhood. Since 1972, I have held several solo and group exhibitions in various parts of the world where I lived. My paintings are in many private and corporate collections, mainly in England, Belgium, Kenya, Tanzania, Oman, India, Australia, and the UAE. After working as a Graphic Designer for a while, I returned to full time painting in 1993. We moved to Cheshire in 2008, and enjoy the Peak District, Anglesey and The Lakes!


I have been a member of many Art Societies in England, the Dorking Group of Artists, The Cookham Group of Artists, the Maidenhead Art Society, and then with Moving Clay, later called Artsxtra (of which I am a member) and with Cheshire Artists Network.


My paintings involve me in an intense relationship with Colour. As an artist, I am evolving from realism to a more expressive style. For me landscapes are now a fusion of shimmering colours, a free flowing of imaginative translation! My paintings often echo my journey through life. I use mainly Acrylics and sometimes Oils or Watercolour..