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Artist Statement
Deborah Ann Graham

It’s about what the eye likes, a detail, a colour, a contrast, a pattern, a movement and the feelings they create. Objects and spaces full of energy that can give us a sense of connectedness.

My works are always rooted in the world around where the forms and patterns such as rocks, lichens, broken shells, landscape and snails can develop into quite abstract shapes and colours. My ideas can be expressed in a range of media including oil, watercolour, collage, monotype and digital. Just as I like to explore the feelings created by external forms I also like to give form to internal feelings of thought and emotion in my lino block prints.

I am originally from Cumbria where I took an art foundation course at Cumbria Collage of Art and Design. From there going on to Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham to do a BA(Hons) degree in Fine Art graduating in 1987. My paintings then addressed my interested in archetypal imagery, inherent knowledge, folklore and myth. These themes are not so obvious in my present work but still infuse much of what I do.

After College I spent a year or so in Art studios in Nottingham including the Oldknow Studio Group before taking art related employment. Working first in the Animation Industry and then moving into Computer Games. I still work as a Computer Games Artist as well as spending as much time as possible in my loft studio at home in Bollington.

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Name  Deborah Ann Graham

Tel no: 01625 575942 mobile 07772967746

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Twitter!/debzgraham  @DebzGraham

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